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Greater Boston is a bi-monthly full-cast audio drama set in the Boston metro area, blending the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical. It all begins with the death of Leon Stamatis, a man so enamored of predictability that the least hint of uncertainty makes life unbearable. But by leaving the world, he has irrevocably changed it.

The show is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason.

May 16, 2017

Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason with recording and technical assistance from Marc Harmon.
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In order of appearance, this episode featured:
  • Richard Wentworth as the ThirdSight Media Spokesman
  • Julia Propp as Louisa Alvarez (she/her)
  • Summer Unsinn as Charlotte Linzer-Coolidge (she/her)
  • Tanja Milojevic as Melissa Weatherby (she/her)
  • Jeff Van Dreason as Chuck Octagon (he/him)
  • Michael Melia as Phil (he/him)
  • James Oliva as Michael Tate (he/him)
  • Braden Lamb as Leon Stamatis (he/him)
  • Mike Linden as Oliver West (he/him)
Also featuring Mikchael McQuilkin, Mike Linden, Marck Harmon, and Ben Flaumenhaft as ThirdSight Commercial voices.
Interviews with real Greater Boston Residents.
  • Charlie on the MTA recorded by Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede
  • Tam Lin Set with Tam Lin (comp. Davey Arthur) / Catharsis (Amy Cann) / The Fatal Rum Punch (Liz Donaldson) performed by Dirk Tiede
  • Childgrove by Adrienne Howard and Dirk Tiede
  • Shove that Pig’s Foot a Little Farther in the Fire by Adrienne Howard, Emily Peterson, and Dirk Tiede
  • He Who Destroys Everything by ArtOfEscapism
  • Drums by Jim Johanson
Additional music and sounds used from public domain and creative commons sources.
Be sure to check out the hilarious inter dimensional comedy, Hadron Gospel Hour by our guests Rich Wentworth and Mike McQuilkin!
Episode transcripts are posted online at


  • Strong Language

  • Manipulative behavior