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Greater Boston is a bi-monthly full-cast audio drama set in the Boston metro area, blending the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical. It all begins with the death of Leon Stamatis, a man so enamored of predictability that the least hint of uncertainty makes life unbearable. But by leaving the world, he has irrevocably changed it.

The show is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason.

Jun 27, 2017

Greater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason with recording and technical assistance from Marc Harmon.
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Content warnings at bottom of show notes.
In order of appearance, this episode featured:
  • Braden Lamb as Leon Stamatis (he/him)
  • Summer Unsinn as Charlotte Linzer Coolidge (she/her)
  • Sam Musher as Emily Bespin (she/her)
  • Jessica Washington as Isabelle Powell (she/her)
  • Alexander Danner as The Narrator (he/him)
  • Tanja Milojevic as Melissa Weatherby (she/her)
  • Lydia Anderson as Gemma Linzer-Coolidge (she/her)
  • Mike Linden as Oliver West (he/him)
  • James Oliva as Michael Tate (he/him)
  • Beth Eyre as Autumn West (she/her)
  • Kelly McCabe as Nica Stamatis (she/her)
  • James Johnston as Dimitri Stmatis (he/him)
  • James Capobianco as Paul Montgomery Chelmsworth (he/him)
Also featuring Julian Danner as Ada West, Julia Schifini as Red Line officer, Sarah Golding as the TV News Anchor and Eli Barraza as the TV news interviewer.
Interviews recorded with Greater Boston residents.
  • Charlie on the MTA is performed by Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede.
  • Train Jam, Farwell to Nigg and Childgrove performed by Adrienne Howard Emily Peterson and Dirk Tiede. Tam Lin Set by Dirk Tiede
  • Dream music by Jeff Van Dreason
  • Drums by Jim Johanson.
  • Golden Riddles, Echoes and Points (Act II) by Lloyd Rodgers.
  • Isolated by Kevin McLeod
Some sound effects and music used from public domain and creative commons sources. 
Special recording thanks this season to Andy Goddard and Mischa Stanton. Huge thank you to all our season two guest stars.
You can catch Beth Eyre in Wooden Overcoats, Hector Versus the Future and the Beef and Dairy Network. Julia Schifini is the co-host of the brilliantly funny and spookily-informative Spirits podcast.
Sarah Golding is the co-host of the Audio Drama Production Podcast and appears in several wonderful audio dramas
And Eli Barraza is the creator, writer and main voice actor of the fantastic new audio drama, The Far Meridian. Do check those out.
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This season is dedicated to our Gal Friday, Melissa Panio-Petersen. Thank you for everything you do for us.
  • Strong Language
  • Kidnapping/imprisonment
  • Divorce
  • Discussions of racism
  • General despair